After I left school, the only writing I would find myself doing was emails, reports and documentation for work. I would write emails to friends and the occasional letter, but that was it. Until I discovered Soul Coaching® and power of journaling.

If I asked you to pick up a pen and piece of paper and start to write; you would ask me what on. This can be daunting, but when we ask ourselves a question, something else happens. We can unlock the answers within us. When we use pen and paper, we access a part of ourselves that knows the answers we seek. It’s as though our heart is speaking to us.

I believe that deep down, we always have the answers for ourselves, we just don’t know how to find them. However, when we take time to sit, be still and ask ourselves a question, we find our mind helps us to to discover our answers. Sometimes, we need prompting, which is why I love the Soul Coaching® program to help me. Sometimes, we just need to ask one question, and let our mind wander and the answers come forward.

Over to you … Journaling to find answers

Has there been something which you haven’t been able to work out or know what action to take next?

Get a pad of paper, preferably A4 or Legal size and write down everything that has been going on in your day. In ‘The Morning Pages’ by Julia Cameron, she asks you to fill three sides of paper (1.5 pages) to help you clear out the mental junk sitting there. If you can do three pages of just writing out stuff that comes up, that’s great, but aim to fill one side at least.

Now write down your question and write out whatever thoughts come your way. When you do so, you will discover something hidden within you that can give you new ideas to tackle any problems you may be going through.

Let me know how you get on in the comments below.