I remember that as a kid, Christmas was a special time. We would be rushing around to get all the Christmas presents, and then making sure we have enough food in the house, and then Christmas day would come and go. My family always got together at my Nan’s house on Boxing Day – the day after Christmas – and we would have a Christmas day all over again!

This year, I am in the office working – but the party does start when I get home tonight – which I am looking forward to. However, I have been out to see what was open in the small village that the office is based in.

I walked into a local Sainsburys, and there wasn’t much fresh produce on the shelves, and I overheard someone complaining that the other supermarket was closed! It made me think how we are living in an age of expectation now, and that this expectation can often lead to us being disappointed.

I was always told that when we make assumptions, we make an ass out of me and you… is the same not for expectations? I can’t think of a little rhyme that will go with expectations – but I am aware that when I expect something – I am often left disappointed in how it turns out. I have slowly stepped back and stopped expecting things to happen, and noticed that life begins to flow much more easier, and I am now able to have more fun too!