When using the Oracle Cards… trust what comes out!

I use oracle cards often, for myself, for others, and to give messages as gifts to others too!  Here is an amazing experience that I had – which has helped me to trust what comes out the first time!

It was my mums birthday, and one of the things that I wanted to do was to give her a Soul Coaching card as part of her birthday card.

As I was shuffling the deck, asking for a card for my mum, one flew out of the pack!  I had my eyes closed at the time and didn’t think that it was the card for mum, so I just put it back (eyes still closed!) and continued to shuffle.  I was then told to stop, and as I opened my eyes, the card that had flew out of the pack was sitting at the top – as it had also turned out so that it was staring at me!

It has made me trust exactly what comes out of the Oracle cards, and from that I am able to work more freely and trust that the messages the cards are there to give!