I remember listening to Wayne Dyer one day, and he was chatting to a woman who was deciding whether or not to follow her dream. However, because of her age, she didn’t know whether to sign up for a course that would take her 5 years to complete. He asked how old she was, and then how old would she be when she finished the course in 5 years time. She told him, and then he asked her old she would be in 5 years time when she didn’t take the course. She obviously gave him the same age… If she did or didn’t do it, she would be the same age, except that if she didn’t take the course, fulfil her dreams then she would be at the same age and actually probably still wanting to fulfil her dream.

In 2008, I set out to do something which I have wanted to do since I was a child. I set out to become a teacher. I signed up with the Open University to begin my degree, which was going to take me 5 years. I thought that was going to be a long time, and it just wouldn’t happen, but I started with a module in English, and then Spanish. Then I don’t know what happened, but it fell apart. I couldn’t keep up with the course work as other things happened in my life. However, everytime I got an email about the Open University, I wondered about doing it again. Everytime I started my day at work, I wondered about being a teacher, and if I could do something more with my life. Whilst I know I was living life, it wasn’t in the direction that I wanted to live. I also realised that 5 years down the line, I wasn’t where I wanted to be – I thought that I would have completed my degree and then I would start teacher training or something like that. Where was I? 5 years later and still wondering what could be.

Around my birthday, I got blue. I was really unhappy with my job, and I wanted to do something more. One of my favourite programs is “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” and I was watching it and thinking that I really want to do something more with life. The episode centred around a school, and then it all clicked into place for me, I had to revisit the dream to be a teacher, and so I sorted out where I had started and picked up the studying again. I signed up to the next course and have begun.

What have you been putting off? What would be one action that you could take that would help you to achieve this, or to achieve your dream?