I have been thinking over the last couple of days.  For those that don’t know, the Christmas Number One in the UK is quite a big thing!  For the past four years, it has been won by the winner of reality tv / find a new singing star contest ‘The X-Factor’.  I am not complaining about the show, although I do not watch it that often.  However, this year, a young guy won the contest, and his winning single was released just in time for everyone to run out an buy it – with the record companies hopes that it will hit number one.  This year … it didn’t.

There was a big FaceBook campaign going on to get another single to number one, which was by an American group called ‘Rage Against the Machine’.  In my own opinion, the song was not that good – but then it was not my type of music.  What has really struck me though is that there was a lot of energy being used and created to stop X-Factor being number one.  It was built up on the fact that people didn’t want Simon Cowell to have another number one, to have another success.

What if that energy, time had been spent on creating something positive?  What if instead of it stopping something – but starting something – we would have a better world to be in?  I am not sure if the whole campaign was to support ‘Rage Against the Machine’ or not.  If it was, then it was a job well done.  However, the posts and hypes that I had read on Facebook were more against Simon and the X-Factor.

So what could we spend our energy on creating – instead of stopping?!