I love my newsletter, and sending it out once a month is always a lot of fun for me. However, the last couple of months, it’s just not been happening. I realised that I really only write when I am happy, and that I haven’t been that happy, inspired or wanting to do much at all for the last couple of months. I went to Gran Canaria with my partner back in September, and had an amazing time in the sun, spending days at the beach and partying in the night. Of course, I got burnt the first day so I spent the rest of the time sitting in the shade, but I still had a glow when I landed back in the very cold Luton airport at just gone midnight. I think that may have been the beginning of what I call ‘the funk’, because when I got to my car, it didn’t start. Fortunately, the car parking place helped me out, but getting home an hour later than I thought I would wasn’t much fun, and then getting up for work about five hours later, the holiday bliss seemed a distant memory.

I went into the office, feeling good, but that didn’t last as I was met with stress within the first half an hour, and that stress hasn’t let go since… I came home feeling exhausted, and every day has been similar.

What I’ve noticed through this is that I forgot about my spirituality, I forgot about the essence of who I am, and what I love to do. Whilst I put on a smiling face to everyone and said all is good, it really wasn’t, and I found myself becoming less happy and more miserable.  I couldn’t seem to shift that feeling. Then it struck me, the one thing that I needed to get myself out of this funk. “I have a choice”.

I have a choice on how I react to the stress at work. I have a choice about the job that I do. I have a choice about how I spend my free time. I have a choice on how I live my life. I had to make a change. So I created my own “Get out of the Funk” kit. It’s probably a combination of all that I’ve learnt, but for me it worked.

1. Take 10 minutes to be honest about what is happening in your life, and write it down. Don’t type it out, but hand write it, as it is a good way to help you gain clarity about the situation and what you can. This is not going to be a blame game about who did what, and why you are so upset, but it’s just acknowledging where you are in life right now. For example, mine was that my job had become an unmanageable stress and I didn’t know what to do next.

2. Find a feel good song to play as you now burn what you have written. I love cheesy pop, so this was, and still is, myFeel Good song!

3. Connect back to your spirit. When we get into our heads about what is happening around us, we can lose that connection to our spirit, which really knows how to help us move past any “funks” that we may be in. I used Denise Linn’s 33 Spirit Journeys (UK / USA) to help me reconnect to my spirit, and it worked a treat!

I feel reconnected now, and I’ve made decisions relating to my job that enable me to move forward without getting all stressed out, and I feel as though I am back spiritually. It’s a wonderful feeling, and I would love to help you do the same. I have one copy of Denise Linn’s CD to give away, and so all you need to do to win the copy is to reply to me with your address and a link to your feel good song on You Tube. I will print off all the names, and draw one from a hat on the 1st December. I will let you know who wins on the 2nd December, but also share a playlist of all the feel good songs that are sent over to me!