If you don’t do it now… when will you?

Late last year, I was having a conversation with my cousin over MSN about what how she wanted to be a holiday rep.  Through the conversation she was telling me how she wasn’t sure if it was possible or if she could leave her family.

For me, it brought up memories of when I dreamed of doing that job!  This was probably a dream from when I was 11 or 12!  I applied and got a chance to go to a group session where they explained what was going to happen, and then if I got through the first part of the day, I would then move on to a interview.  I didn’t make the interview part, despite having all the right ideas – I was not ‘loud’ enough in the group to be heard, and therefore they did not think I would be be able to work in the group situations in a holiday resort.  My dreams dashed, I decided not to pursue it any further.  I am always left wondering ‘what if’.

I met with my cousin at Christmas time, and did a Oracle reading for her.  I was just amazed at how the cards were talking of a new career, the sun and changes coming up.  I looked at her and we both knew exactly what it meant for her – and a few days later she told me how she had completed the application, and now had her interview date!

I sent lots of positive energy her way for the interview, no matter what the outcome, and I was so thrilled when she called me say that she had got the job!  She was so thilled on the phone that I was just as joyous – I’ve planned to go visit her no matter where she is! Lol!

It is important to follow our dreams, and not let one person or situation hold us back.  If you find that one door has not opened, then you may find that another will.  If you feel within your heart that you are being called to complete your dream, then go for it.  Sometimes a ‘dream’ is a way of the Universe giving you a hint on what you should be doing or going towards, but also – do you want to look back on a life time of ‘I wished’ or do you want to say ‘I did it’.

I don’t know if I will complete the dream of being a rep myself – but you never know – with the knowledge that it can happen – I may find myself doing it – just in a different way!  I certainly have a few ideas now on how that can come about 🙂   I am certainly glad though that my cousin followed hers!