With all my travels, I know that people think that I live a jet-set life! This isn’t always true! The majority of my trips are for work, and I don’t get to see that much. If they are not work related, then I am usually away training in something new – so more recently, I went to Spain and Gibraltar with my partner, and this time it was a holiday!

I have been to Gibraltar, numerous times having lived there, and for various work trips – but this time I was very much a tourist! We travelled up to the Rock, and went inside the Rock to St Michaels cave. I was amazed by the beauty and complexity of what was inside. There is an amazing history to the rock as well, including connection to the legendary Pillars of Hercules, and the Ancient Greeks also believed the cave be the Gates of Hades, an entrance to the underworld! I could understand that through the different formations that were present within the Rock.

Walking inside the Rock, I could have been anywhere. There was a sense of silence and just being, and not having to worry about what was happening on the outside world. I was just allowed to Be. It reminded me that I very rarely take time out to just be! I am always doing something, always thinking about one thing or another, and not taking time out to just be.

I realised at that point, that taking time out for me was something that I always told others to do – but rarely did it for myself. So, standing inside St Michaels cave, I closed my eyes briefly, and just focused on my heart, and connected to my spirit. It was like greeting an old friend, and for that moment in time, I felt at peace, at ease and just allowing myself that one minute for myself. It rejuvenated me completly, and just allowed me to experience everything that was happening around me, with much more clarity and detail.

Try it for yourself. Close your eyes, focus on your breathe and imagine a spark of light in the centre of your chest. Allow any thoughts to drift away, and just allow yourself, for one minute to be. Notice what a difference it can make!