Your Feng Shui Consultation

In all of his consultations, Terry takes a four step approach;

1. What’s happening now?  What would you like to happen?

In your initial consultation with Terry, he will ask you to complete a questionnaire that will give him an insight into where you are in your life right now, and what you would like to happen and achieve.  Once Terry has this, he will arrange either a telephone or in person chat to delve more into what you have provided and find out what else is happening in your life.

2. Aligning your home with your intentions!

Terry will take you on a Synchro-Alignment™, a meditative journey that will help you to connect you with the energy of your home, to help you achieve all that you set out to do, as well as find out how you can work with the energy of your home and so much more.

3. Taking action and making changes!

Taking all the information about you and your intentions, Terry will give you his recommendations for applying Instinctive Feng Shui™ to your room, space or home and help you to take steps to make your intentions a reality.

4. Brining in the new energy!

Terry finishes his consultations with a Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™ ceremony that is unique to you, clearing out the old energy and bringing in the new.


To schedule your consultation and speak with Terry directly, please click here to contact him!