Space Clearing

What is Space Clearing?

Space Clearing is a practice that moves the old stuck stagnant and unsupportive energies from a space, and calls in the energy you wish to be supported by.

If you have ever walked into a room that has felt heavy, or you immediately feel unhappy or sad, or you’ve not noticed anything unusual but know that your life hasn’t changed in any way for some time, then a space clearing is ideal.

The space clearing can also be used to just clear out the stagnant energy and set your intention for how you to want to feel in the room.  It can also be used for when you are moving into a new home, a new arrival to the family or if you have recently decorated or changed something within your home, and you want to bring balance to the room and the home.

Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing™

Through his training in Interior Alignment®, Terry uses the Seven Star Blessing method.  It is called this because each unique blessing and clearing that he performs holds the following aspects;

* The first four stars represent the power of the Four Directions; East, South, West and North
* The fifth and sixth stars acknowledge the energies of Heaven and Earth (above and below)
* The seventh star is the Sacred Space of Love.

The “stars” acknowledge the intent to bring the heavens into the dwellings for his clients.

With each Feng Shui Consultation, Terry will always perform a Seven Star Blessing Space Clearing ceremony, whether this be remotely or in person.  Alternatively, if you have a room, space or home that you would like to have a space clearing for, then contact him using the form on the right.