When you set yourself up to react in one way…. how can you change that?

So the title of this blog may seem odd – but I was given a clear lesson in the Law of Attraction and expectations in a way that I did not expect!

I was set to participate in a day of sittings recently, from 11am to 5pm, and this would be the first time that I had done a full day of sittings!  I was excited, but nervous.  Not nervous in that Spirit would not be ther, but more that I would not be able to complete the day or give my full to people – basically I was worried that I would not have the energy to complete the day!

Whenever I spoke to friends about what I had coming up, they would share my concern and really confirm what I was thinking.  What made it worse,  was that I did not go tobed until midnight the night before, and then I woke up an hour early – still in this panic mode!

Just as I was getting ready to leave, and still in this panic mode – I caught myself.  I realised that my fear of not being able to do something was only setting up the one vibration that would actually stop me working with Spirit.  So I changed it.  I brought myself back to the present moment, I didn’t worry about the future, and relaxed knowing that I would work with Spirit, and have a great day.

That is exactly what did happen.  I changed the thought from fear, and let go – which then changed my thoughts to those of trust and faith.  The day did go well, and I was not knackered or exhausted at the end of the day – so all was good.

The power to change your thoughts and create your future is within you – all you have to do is to remember that its there!