18th December 2017 - 07:30 PM

    Workshop: Making 2018 Great!


    How was 2017 for you? Ready to make 2018 Great?

    There are sometimes one or two events we define as our year, and can then carry that energy into the next year. It can be good or bad, awful or fantastic.
    Whatever it was, you can decide what 2018 looks like for you. Now is the time to plan the ideas for what you want to experience in this next year.
    Join me on Monday 18th December at 7:30pm UK for a live video event on You Tube. During our time together we will;
    * Review 2017 and look at the meaning it has had for you
    * How to bless your past, and turn each experience around to something positive for you
    * Clutter Clear and Cleanse your home and space to help bring in new energy for the coming months
    * Get clear on what you want to experience for 2018 and how to make this happen
    I look forward to you joining me at this event!

    7th April 2018 - 12:00 AM

    Workshop: Soul Coaching Practitioner Training

    Soul Coaching Training -

    Become a very special kind of life coach! Soul Coaching Practitioners help people discover their life mission, clear the blockages to that mission and help them live a life of joy!