Ok, so you may be thinking all those chocolate eggs, and maybe the hot cross buns, or the four day weekend – but thats not what Im thinking!

I just finished a service at a lovely church in Camberley.  Now Im actually suffering from a cold, felt like death warmed up (which I think is quite funny as a medium) and not in the best of conditions to do a service, however I know that whilst I am on platform, Spirit will take over and I will be just the one speaking.  When it came to my address, I already knew that I wanted to talk about Personal Responsibility, and bring in a connection to Easter.

From my understanding, Easter is all about the day Christ came back from the dead or was reborn – the resurrection.  The way that I see it, this is possible every day.  Each morning, when we wake up – we have the chance to start again.  Each day is a new chance for us to do the things that we desire, and each day we can choose how we react to what has happened in the past.  We do not have to wait for a single moment or time in order to do what we need to do – we make those as we go along.

So Easter everyday, maybe not the chocolate kind, but the kind where you can start afresh in each moment of your new day!

Have fun creating!