I love to dream, and they have always been an important thing for me. Not just the waking ones, where I focus on the things I would like in my life, but those that visit me in the night hours. I often receive messages and insights into what is happening in my life. Like the time when I was drinking too much coffee and my dream showed me black tar rolling around in my stomach. I limited my coffee and gained energy in my day to day life. Not all dreams come true though. For example, I’m still waiting for Ricky Martin to ask me to marry him.

In the past few weeks I’ve dreamed more. We dream every night but often forget the dreams we’ve had, so we often say we didn’t dream. What’s actually happening is we don’t remember them because we’ve been woken by an alarm or something else that’s interrupted the dream we are in. When I say I’ve dreamed more, it’s more that I’ve woken before my alarm has gone off and been able to jot down notes on what I dreamed. It’s been fascinating to see what has come out of it. In one I couldn’t do up the buttons on my jacket; I need to lose weight. Another was most profound though, and with such clarity that I didn’t need to jot it down.

I was sat in a circle with Denise Linn, someone I have trained with in various modalities – including dreams – over the past ten years. In the dream she asked me, “what do you do?” I replied with such clarity “I coach people to help them go for what they want, but I also scratch beneath the surface to help them go for what they really want.” In the dream Denise said great, and told me I could coach her. I woke up just before that started.

What had been interesting was that at a time of wondering what it is that I wanted to do, the answer came to me in a dream. It had a clarity to it that I wouldn’t have come up with in my waking days. So I’m going with it, and I will see where it will take me.

Over to you … Dream on It

Have you had a dream which has been profound and brought you clarity? Maybe you have something going on in your life where you need some help or direction. Before you go to sleep tonight, say to yourself “tonight I remember my dreams” and know that when you wake up you will catch a snippet of it to help you in your life. Alternatively, if you have a message and don’t know how to take it forward, connect with me to explore a personal coaching session.