If your dreams had a message for you, what would it be?

  • We have around four to five dreams a night.
  • We spend around twenty per cent of sleep time dreaming.
  • We dream for about an hour and a half each night.

Each of our dreams can hold a message for us. They can sometimes appear to be whacky and out there, or they can be subtle and serene.

They can act as a portal, a doorway into which we can explore our life and the things we want to resolve and change. Dreams can be a way for us work through the things we have suppressed in our daily lives, instead of experiencing them.

Yet how often have we dismissed something as just a dream?

I have loved working with my dreams for a long time. They have given me insight into my life and allowed me to change things in my waking life that have propelled me forward. They’ve not always been epic dreams, sometimes they have been subtle, gentle and sometimes strange. Some have been nightmares, and while it has been hard for me to work through them, they have given me great insight into what I’ve feared and helped me to overcome it in my waking hours.

In order to understand more about dreams, I studied with Denise Linn and become one of the few Advanced Practitioners of Gateway Dreaming. As a dreaming coach, this has allowed me to understand the value of my dreams and work with others to help them gain insight from their dreams too.

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Dream Analysis, with a Difference …

When I tell people I work with dreams, they want me to tell them what their dreams mean. Of course, I can give you an interpretation of what it means, but I may not be right. Because dreams are personal to you.

What I can do is to help you discover the meaning and message of your dream with you. This will help you gain information from the dream to make changes in your waking life.

A dream interpretation will give you information, but as a dreaming coach, I can help you take action on the message you gain.


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