Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body

Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body

Did you know that your body is a receiving station for secret messages from Spirit?
Are you ready to start listening to it?

All your history and negative programming is lodged in the cells of your body. Using this jump-start health program—based on Denise’s original Soul Coaching® Program—you’ll unweave hidden blockages within your DNA to initiate your natural life-force energy and your body’s spiritual radiance!

This program will help you:
• Activate powerful cellular rebalancing of your body
• Realise why you were born with your specific body
• Align your body with your life purpose
• Uncover the spiritual lessons you’re receiving from your body in this lifetime
• Understand how clutter-clearing can heal health challenges

By utilizing the energy of nature—Air, Water, Fire, and Earth—this program allows you to clear away old limitations so that you can truly begin to claim your luminous, vital, glorious body.

How can I do this?

There is an Indian proverb that states that everyone is a house with four rooms: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. The Soul Coaching program allows you to enter into these rooms through the four elements. Air represents the mental aspect of yourself, water represents the emotional self, fire is connected to the spiritual and finally earth represents the physical aspect of yourself.

Within each of the elements you will be given daily exercises to complete. These exercises will you to clear away any debris that is stopping you from living the life you truly desire.

The exercises can take from 15 minutes a day to all day long – depending on what you choose to do! There are three levels to the program, and you choose the level that feels best for you to participate at.

Level 1: Committed to Change will take around 15 minutes a day to complete.
Level 2: Going for It includes Level 1 but will take up to an hour to complete.
Level 3: Playing Full Out includes Level 1 and 2, and will take as long as it takes!

You can also decide whether you want to do the program in 28 days, or over 3 months.

If you are ready to make the changes within your life and live a life you truly desire, then contact me to find out how we can work together!

How could I do the program?

I offer the program in two ways, and how we interact is up to you!

[int_one_half][mc_title tagline=”The Original Program” image=”http://www.terrybowen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Soul-Coaching.png”]28 Days[/mc_title]

Over the 28 days, you will be going through the program and connecting to your soul on a daily basis. You can decide how much of the program you do, so you can decide to do all three levels or maybe just level 1! Click here for more information![/int_one_half]

[int_one_half_last][mc_title tagline=”An intensive approach” image=”http://www.terrybowen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Soul-Coaching.png”]3 Months[/mc_title]

This is a more intensive version of the program, where you will be doing each level of the program, but one day at a time!  Click here for more details![/int_one_half_last]