Soul Journey

Soul Journey

Have you ever wondered why you are here, or what you could be doing? Are you wondering how to resolve certain situations in your life?  Are you aware that all the answers that you ever need are within and available to you, right now!

A Soul Journey is a personal meditation and interactive experience, that will take you to connect to the deepest part of your soul allowing you to bring forward from within the clarity and guidance that you need at this moment in time.  A Soul Journey can help you resolve issues within yourself and give you the confidence and clarity to take the next steps in your life.

You can also use a Soul Journey to connect with loved ones that have passed to the spirit world, your spirit guides, angels and receive messages from them.

What people are saying about their personal Soul Journey

Relaxed, calm, meditation heading on a journey to connect with my soul. everything perfect. I cant tell you how amazing this whole experience felt, I trusted Terry completely as we headed into a forest, and connected with people that were a part of my life journey.

I completely get it now, I now know why I am here, and Terry helped me realise and understand what my life is really about. As I opened my eyes I sat up and felt amazing.

Clare T

How can I arrange my own personal Soul Journey?

Contact me, and we can arrange a personal one-to-one Soul Journey.  This can be done in person if you are in the Harrow area, near London or it can be done over the phone.

A personal Soul Journey normally lasts around 1 hour and costs £80

Use the Contact Form on the right hand side to contact me and find out more information.