3 Month Intensive

If you are interested in going through the three month intensive, then you are going to be taking each level of the program, whether it be Soul Coaching® or Unlock the Secret Messages of Your Body, one day at a time.

No matter which way you decide to take the program, you will receive meditations to help you on the program, as well as all the information that you need to help you along.

[mc_title tagline=”Daily eMail Support” image=”http://www.terrybowen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Soul-Coaching.png”]eMail Connection[/mc_title]Through the program, you are going to be emailed your daily tasks and we will be going through the program and any questions that you have over email.

The cost of this program is £125

[mc_title tagline=”eMail and Phone Support” image=”http://www.terrybowen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Soul-Coaching.png”]eMail & Phone Connection[/mc_title]Like the eMail Connection program, I will email you the tasks and be there to support you through the program.  However, we will also have three telephone conversations, one as you begin, the second in the middle and the third as you complete the program.

The cost of this program is £215

[mc_title tagline=”Telephone Support” image=”http://www.terrybowen.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/Soul-Coaching.png”]Telephone Connection[/mc_title]

We will have 6 calls to help you through the program.  You will also receive your tasks by email, but with we will have time together every three weeks to discuss how the program is going, and any insights that you have had whilst you are going through the program.

The cost of this program is £350

Ready to Sign Up?

If you are ready to sign up, then please use the contact form on the right hand side, and we will connect to find the best way for you to do the program!