Have you ever been on YouTube, or any internet page, and found yourself caught in the web. You click on one link, and then another and then you watch one more video. Before you know it, you’ve lost an hour and got no where. Have you ever noticed your thoughts can be like this too? You think of one thing, then another and before you know it, you’re caught in the web of your own mind.

Some years ago I was introduced to The Artist’s Way. It was a twelve step program by Julia Cameron on recovering your creativity. It was at the time when I wanted to write stories and it had been highly recommended. I completed half the program, but one of the treasures I discovered was The Morning Pages. They are three pages of longhand writing. My understanding and what I came to realise was that they were not creative. They became something else for me.

I found that they become a way for me to clear out the things which had been going through my mind. I was able to make sense of the day ahead, the things which had happened the day before and hatch plans and ideas of what I could do. In their basic form, writing three pages of longhand writing cleared my mind out. I was able to sift through what was good and what I needed to resolve and what I really needed to put my attention to.

I continued the morning pages for months, and even though I don’t do it every day now, I have found benefit to doing it on a regular basis to help me clear my mind. When I have a clear mind, when I’ve resolved issues which have come up, I’ve had a calmer attitude and been able to achieve more.

Over to you … Clearing the Mind

Try the morning pages for yourself. I’ve found that they take around half an hour, so it may involve getting up earlier. You can be a rebel and do them in the evening. The important thing, you do them! Write whatever comes to your mind. If nothing comes then write – I don’t know what to write – until something else pops into your mind. I use a hardback notebook and a gel ink pen as, for me, it flows nicely on the page.

This New Moon, 11th August, I will be starting a new online group called Advancing Your Spirit. It will be a free group to join, and will share information on the morning pages, clearing the mind and how to bring more joy in your life. I’d love for you to join me.