You’ve probably heard of clutter clearing before. It’s a hot topic at the moment, and people have different approaches to how to clear clutter. I won’t lie, I’m one of those too, but more because I have experienced the power of clutter clearing and how it changed an aspect of my life. I hadn’t thought that clearing out old wage slips, paperwork and other pieces of paper I no longer needed would mean I would get a pay rise.

I’d been doing the same job for some time in a large company. They had a ruling about pay rises, and you could never get more than 10% than what you were on. I held a belief that as I had worked up from a Customer Services agent, answering customer calls to become a Project Manager, I would never get as much as the new Project Managers who were employed to do the same job as me.  When I built up the courage to ask for a pay rise, it was knocked back quickly by those who agreed such things.

Deflated, I went home and started to have a clear out. I’d been with the company for a number of years, and had kept every contract, pay slip and even the letter about my suspension when I broke the rules! None of it was relevant anymore, and didn’t help me other than to show I’d been there a long time. I made the decision to keep my current contract and the last six months worth of payslips and destroy the rest. Feeling the weight of the paperwork being released, I went back to my manager to ask again for a pay rise. Even he said he didn’t know what happened because it was accepted, and I got more than the 10% they would do normally.

Over to you … Clearing Clutter

Is there an are of your life you’ve wanted to shift and change ? Clearing clutter in your home, things you’ve held onto for a long time, is one way of doing this. It will help you bring new and fresh energy in your home and your life. Think about the area of your life you want to change, and then ask yourself what do I have in my home which relates to that? It could be you want a relationship, yet you look around and see mementos of past relationships that didn’t work. It’s time to clear them out! Join me in my members group on 9th October as we begin clearing clutter in our lives.