This time of year everyone is gearing up and getting ready to make sure that they are all set for the one day – Christmas Day!

We have run around the shops to make sure we have the right christmas present for our loved ones, that we have enough food in the cupboards for the day, and that everything is just ready!

We eagerly await the time when our loved ones open the presents, and in return we open the presents that they have found for us.

There is one present though that we can give all year round, and that is our prescence.  It is amazing at how this inexpensive gift can give you so much more than what a material present can give.  By being present for a loved one – you are giving them so much more.  We are often worrying about what is happening in the world – what is going on around us that we can sometimes forget what our family or friends are up to, and what is going on with them.

This Christmas, as well as giving out the presents, try being present as well.  Listening to that loved one will give them a greater gift, and allow you to really see inside their heart and soul – and in return they may do the same for you!

There is another gift that you can also give yourself this Christmas.  That is to be present for yourself.  Have a check in with your own Spirit, find out what it needs for this festive season, and see what you can do to honour that!  You are a wonderful Spirit – and deserve that present for you!

Have a fantastic Christmas, and enjoy being you for the rest of this year!