I stood at the top of the hill waiting. I knew that this was a defining moment to us both, and I couldn’t wait to see him. I could see nothing but green around me, and whilst my clothes of cotton were thin, and a high wind was blowing; on this summers day, I was warm. I waited for him to arrive. We were both young setting out on our lives, and yet our love was forbidden. It wasn’t allowed. I knew that, and yet I couldn’t wait until we run away together. When he arrived, he slouched up the hill, he didn’t look at me once as he got to the top of the hill, and I knew something was wrong. I knew that we wouldn’t be running away together, and my heart sank. I knew that his family had intervened and that he was married now to someone else. I left the hill a broken man, I wanted more from life but it wasn’t going to happen. Not this time.

In the past life that I was experiencing, I knew that was how I was feeling in my current life. The love that I wanted was being denied to me. A story for another day, but being gay wasn’t easy for me, and this past life journey was highlighting to me that what I wanted wasn’t going to happen. However, I was determined that the past was not going to equal my future and so I changed it. I changed it so that when my lover, my friend, came walking up the hill, he was smiling at me and hadn’t got married. I had arranged our running away before he could get married, before he was forced into that life. Now, we were setting off for a life that we could live together. Happy and joyous.

Did this really happen? Did I experience this in a past life or was it a figment of my imagination? I couldn’t tell you. I saw nothing of that life that I could investigate or research, but to me, it felt real. What happened next in my life is that I came out, I started to live a life that was more joyous than before. I love working with people and helping them to explore their past lives, because the changes that we make within, are often catalysts to helping us live the life that we truly desire. So what is it that you really want?