This blogging challenge has suddenly turned into that… a challenge!  At the start of January, I had all these grand ideas about how I would write at the weekends, with no worries about the rest of the week, and how I would be able to fulfil all that I need to so that I can complete the challenge.   Well, it’s not happened that way, and… I am writing todays’ blog at 9:30pm.  However, I decided it’s not going to be about what I wanted to write, but I would do it differently – I would cherish myself as I wrote.

I am actually sitting at my desk with my feet soaking in a foot bath!  My feet were feeling as though they needed something, and a foot bath always makes me feel good!  I can stand about 10 minutes in the lukewarm water, but it’s enough to reset me, and let me catch up on what I need to do, which turns out to be this blog.

I was going mad wondering about how I was going to write today’s blog, which I had pre-planned.  As the time ticked by and I hadn’t written anything, or even attempted to write anything, I was starting to think that I could let myself off and just start again tomorrow.  It sounded like the perfect idea, but I knew the truth.  Tomorrow I would think, well I missed one day, and so I can miss another it wouldn’t be missed that much.  Then on Saturday I would get up late and think well there is no point playing catch up … so I can give it up and try again another time.

However, it’s funny how the universe works, I tend to think that my friends in Spirit want to help me out.  They know what I’m like, and in a way, they knew that I would be secretly beating myself  up for not completing the challenge.  So they sent me a little message, care of my blogging challenge buddy, Laura.  Just as I made the decision to give it up, she sent me a message to ask how I was doing!  Coincidence, I think not!  So with Laura in mind, I thought I will write this, but I will give myself a little comfort at the same time!

How many times have you given up, will all the good intentions of starting again tomorrow, but tomorrow never really happening?  I am put both hands up at that one!  When you find yourself giving up, but know that it’s something that you really want, then all you need to do is stop, take a deep breath and ask yourself; how can I do this differently?  How can I cherish myself and keep my word to myself?  I would love to hear your answers in the comments below!