Keeping Clear

Now that you’ve gone through and cleared out the clutter, you may have had a thought about how it may come back. It will get cluttered again in some way or another. This can happen, and probably will, but there is a way around it. It takes us back to our first class in clutter clearing, Setting Intentions.

Our intentions are strong, and as Denise Linn says; “Where intention goes, energy flows.” We’ve already cleared the decks and the space we have created, but how do we keep that intention and keep it clear. An Altar is the best way to have a physical reminder of what you wanted, your initial intention. It also serves a purpose of reminding you to keep clear when you see it. The Altar does not have to be religious, and none of mine ever have a religious connection to them.

My first foray into Altars was during my training as a Soul Coaching® Practitioner. It was my birthday and a friend created an altar for me to wish me joy for the coming year. It was a dark blue cloth and scattered small rose quartz crystals It symbolised my love of the night time sky, but also for the upcoming year and to reach for the stars.

These days, my altars have a representation of what I want to bring into my life, or reflection of my intentions. I love the four elements, and usually have a representation of Air, Water, Fire and Earth, along with something which represents my intention. Before I met my now husband, I had a picture of two guys walking in nature, hand in hand.

You will know when your Altar feels right, and you are free to shift and change it when you need to. It doesn’t have to stay the same, but it will help you to remember your intentions and keep your space clear.

Let me know how you get on below.