How to Clear Clutter

The next step in our clutter clearing journey is the actual clutter clearing. You may wonder why I’ve not gone straight into it, but I’ve found that slow and steady wins the race. There are some things you need for the clutter clearing, and they are simple and you are probably expecting them, but they are;

  1. A timer of some kind. Most of us have smart phones now which has a time set to it.
  2. Three boxes, which we will label: “Keep”, “Rubbish” and “Donate”. You may want “Recycle” and “Sell” as well. You don’t have to have boxes, you can put stuff in bags or just organise them in piles.
  3. Some music which will keep you going. I’ve used this before, and it has helped – – You are of course free to use your own music of your choosing, just don’t spend too much time working out what the perfect music would be.

With your timer, work out how much time you have to clutter clear, and then half it. So if you have an hour, you are going to set your time for thirty minutes. The first thirty minutes are to go through things, and the second half are for putting things away and dealing with them.

You are going to select one area of your room. I recommend the bedroom to start with, as I mentioned before it’s the place where you relax and recuperate. Depending on your time, you may only have time for half of your wardrobe or a set of drawers. That’s okay, you can get repeat this process as many times as you need to.

Here are the rules of clutter clearing. If you don’t love it, or haven’t used it in over six months, it’s clutter. If you use it, and love it, then it’s good to stay. However, be mindful if you are “loving” everything when you haven’t used it. It’s up to you how you clear clutter and these are just guidelines, but they have been a good rule of thumb for me.

With the boxes, you are going to through your chosen area and put things where they need to go. Don’t spend too long holding onto objects as you can grow re-attached to them and think they should stay when really you know deep down you don’t need them and they are taking up space.

A good question for when you are going through your stuff is “would I buy this again?” If the answer is no, then you know it’s time for it to go from your life. Be gentle with yourself as you go through some of your objects. If you can’t part with them now, that’s okay. If you want to part with the object, but still want the memory of it, take a photo of it. That can help you remember it, but not have the physical object taking space.

Repeat this process as often as you need. Take time, and don’t rush, and you’ll notice the difference in your space and your life.

Let me know how you get on below.