Clear the Surface

Now you have your intention set, we are going to begin. I have a slightly different approach to clutter clearing than others. What I’ve found is that by doing a little can shift the mood and get you going for the bigger clearing. This came from my own personal experience, but it works. I am not a tidy person. In fact, I am messy! There are usually things piled up on chairs which get moved around when I want to sit down, or things on the floor which I step around to get to the chair. And yes, that’s the same chair I have to move things from in order to sit down.

The steps I take in cleaning the surface are easy.

  1. Walk into a room of your choice. I would recommend your bedroom to start with.
  2. Put things away that need to be put away. You are not sorting out here, just putting away.
  3. Throw away rubbish that you come across.
  4. Hoover, sweep, polish or clean … whatever you want to do.

These steps are simple, but what I’ve found is that they start the process of bringing clarity in your life. We will tackle the main clutter clearing next week.

Let me know how you get on!