I first learnt about Dream Boards through Colette Baron-Reid.  An amazing intuitive that I have loved and admired since I first heard her on Hay House Radio.  I remember the first Dream Board that I made.  It was fun buying all the magazines and finding pictures of the things that I wanted.  I never followed the steps that I have spoken about in the last couple of days (I do now, though!), because these are things that I’ve added as I’ve gone along, but the thrill of making the Dream Board is so much fun.

First, make space.  You want to make sure you have all the room you need to move around, and to have fun whilst you are doing it.  Next, with your list of things that happened in ‘What does your dream life look like’ begin to flit through magazines, and tear out the pages that have an image, a word that represents what you are looking for.  Be careful with the tearing, and always check the other side of the page as you have two images there that you can use… but once you have a whole heap of pages, you can begin to cut down the pages into the images or words you want.  If you can’t find the images you want, and have a colour printer, then try using Google Images.  Type in the word that you are looking for, and see what happens.  It can be a whole lot of fun seeing what comes up, and you may find the image that’s right for you!

Once you have all the images cut to your specifications, get your board, and write on the bottom of it; “This or something better now manifests itself for me in divine appropriate timing for the highest good for all”.  I use this statement because I know that sometimes the universe knows better than me.  So I am happy for it to be upgraded it in whatever way is best!  The second part, is just like I said in Modern Day Magic, these things can take time, but sometimes they happen quicker than you can realise.  The last part is sacred to me, because I don’t want to take anything away from anyone else, I want everyone to benefit!

Now it’s time to get quiet, and be still.  Put all the images you have on your board and begin to move them around.  Let them tell you where they are to go, and move them around and back again until they feel right.  When you have finished, you can then start pasting them down.  This can take time, so be gentle and let it happen naturally.  This is your board, and it’s your time to have fun too!

Tomorrow is the last part in this series and I will be talking about a special meditation you can do to activate your board, and where to put it.  I would love to see what your board looks like too and you can email me a picture – terryspiritual@gmail.com