I have been reflecting on the past year recently and I noticed a theme, something that I’ve probably always done, but it was more prominent this year. It was all about Being Present. It was when I was in the moment, that moment of life that I have control over, that I was able to do all that I needed to. When I released the stress, worry and anxiety and brought myself into the present moment, then I was able to achieve things, and things happened to me, all for the best.

At the start of this year, I was working for myself, but things weren’t going the way I had really envisioned, and so I needed a job. I hadn’t wanted to go back to gambling, but I didn’t know what I really wanted. So I started applying for anything and everything, nothing that really spoke to me, but I had to get a job, fear had taken over and I was worried that I wouldn’t find anything. After three disastrous interviews, I sat down, got present and wrote down the key words of what I wanted and was looking for. The next day, I got a text, and that got me a job the following week, which helped me get back on my feet! However, what started out really well ended up not being as good. I decided it was time to move on, and again got present and started to look. Out of all the jobs I looked at, nothing felt right but one job jumped out at me. I applied, and didn’t get it. However, the agency forwarded me another role, which wasn’t entirely what I was looking for, but there was a feeling to it, something telling me to go for it. I was successful in the interviews, and I will be starting in the New Year, which I am really looking forward to!

I haven’t always listened though. I was coming home from a demonstration of mediumship recently and needed to get two trains to get me home. As I walked along the road, I noticed the buses driving past me, and just thinking, I should get the bus to a station, it would be easier. However, it was cold, and I was thinking that it would be easier to get the train. I continued the walk, still be drawn to the buses, but remained that I will be getting the train. I didn’t listen, and as much as I was present, I didn’t follow the feeling, I went with logic. As I got to the train station, I jumped on the next train thinking, yep this is the right way… when the train was announced as not going to my stop, it’s route was being changed. Two more trains turned up, all being diverted away from my stop! I should have got the bus! My journey, which normally takes 40 minutes to get home took me an hour and a half! Not the best way to end an evening, but if I had just trusted that little nudge, it would have been easier.

Over the next couple of weeks, life is going to get busy. As much as it’s a time for family and celebrations, there are a lot of worrying and fretting to make sure that things are done right. So I am inviting you to take a moment each day to get still, and get present, and just be aware of what you need, and I am sure that Spirit will help you with what you need!