I attended a workshop recently, and whilst I was looking forward to the subject and what I would learn, I found that I was becoming quite bored and depressed by what was happening.  The workshop was a great subject too – money and love!  However, as we progressed through the morning, I learnt some new things, but at the same time – I was drifting away from what was being taught, and found myself making ‘to-do’ lists.

We missed break because of the interaction of the group, and at lunch time, we were given a couple of tasks to complete.  I found at this point that  they took me into an even deeper ‘funk’ – something that just didn’t feel right to me.  I also realised that I had no negative beliefs around money or love, well not anymore – and I certainly didn’t want to “dig around” to find them!

I went to lunch finding an old fashioned American diner, and over my burger and chips, I pondered around the idea of not returning to the workshop.  I knew that this may be a sign of me hiding away from what was going to be taught in the afternoon – or I had could take the time out for myself, and give my spirit the rest that it needed.  I had been working the night before, and went to bed late, got up early!   So I asked for a sign.  Do I go back to the workshop?

Heading to Caffe Nero and getting a large Americano (the workshop was making me yawn a bit too!), I headed back to the building.   As I turned the corner on the street, a huge gust of wind propelled me forward – here is my sign I thought!  Then, as I entered the building, the security guard hiding behind his desk told me that I couldn’t go in with my coffee!  I stood frozen thinking that I had seen a few people with coffees in there, including the workshop leader!.

I walked outside, with my steaming hot coffee, thinking I couldn’t really drink all of this in the next ten minutes  – but then realised, I had asked for a sign.  There was my sign – time to go home!

Spirit will always guide us one way or another, its up to us to choose to listen or not!