When I first started becoming more interested in the Spiritual side of life, and learnt about messages from Spirit, Angels and Guides, I loved it. I couldn’t get enough! I then found out that Animals could also be spirit messengers as well, and that when they showed up in our lives, there was normally a reason. I wanted to know more, so I brought a Power Animals book, and listened to the meditation to connect with my Power Animal, an animal guide that was with me to guide me, and help me. I listened intently to the meditation, and found my Power Animal… a Beaver. I thought at first that it was a bit odd, but I accepted it. I then went to the book to read all about Beaver, and it wasn’t there! I thought, Oh My God! My Beaver isn’t a power animal! What should I do!

Now I don’t know if it was a marketing ploy or not, but there was an even bigger book with all the Power Animals in it. So of course I brought that too, and waited for the book to arrive. When I looked at the meaning in the book, it made sense, but it just didn’t feel 100% right. I left it at that, and didn’t really go into it anymore. Now and then when an animal came up in conversation or I saw one that really caught my attention, I would look it up in the book when I got home, but it never felt 100% right to me.

Years later, I was listening to Denise Linn talk about Power Animals, and Animal Messengers. She said that she looked at the books, but would often look at what the nature of the animal was instead, how it behaved in nature and what it was doing. I thought, well that may hold something more for me, so one day, I was sitting at my desk at home when I heard a mighty thud. I looked out of the window, and there was a crow on one of the bins outside my window. I was behind a net curtain so he couldn’t see me, but I watched him. I watched as he looked around the road, and then up the building. Suddenly, he took off and I couldn’t see him anymore. I asked myself the question “I wonder what message that holds for me” and recognised that he was looking for a new place, somewhere new to go.

At that moment in time, I stopped myself rushing for the book as I would do normally, and recognised the message that I was being given. The message that crow was delivering to me. It was time to move on. Shortly after that, I left my job and now started a new one. I also know that the message was connecting to moving home, something I’ve wanted to do for a while but never done it. I guess that Spirit are giving me that message too.

What animals have shown up in your life recently, and what message do they hold for you?