I have found that writing my thoughts this month has been challenging. It is never my intention to offend anyone in what I write, but I know that people will have a different view to me, and I accept that. These thoughts are how I can see a change happening in the world, and that every little piece does make a difference.

I am not a political person, and I am not one to criticise the government when things are not going the way they should be, or could be. I am not one to think about how the world is run, or be taken in by what everyone else is saying.

Through my spiritual journey, I have noticed one common thing, which has probably kept me sane, and allowed me to go with the flow more often than not. This common thing is that what I ever I think about, where ever I focus my attention, that is the reality or the life that I create.

Recently in London, there were a series of riots that turned into looting and destruction, which then spread to other major cities within the UK. Some of you may be directly affected by this, others may have heard about it within the news either nationally or locally. I do not normally watch the news or the TV, and instead opt to read online the stories that have an interest to me, but on Monday night, I found myself watching the news and stories of different towns were being looted and destroyed.

I was saddened by what had happened, and what continued to happen all around me. I watched on social media sites many different ways that the police and the government could step up to resolve this, but I decided not to join in with my thoughts of what appeared to be fighting violence with violence. I chose a different path.

On the same social media sites, one person put together a ‘healing invitation’ for everyone to focus on sending positive energy to the areas affected. This was something that I could do. Everything starts with a thought. If someone had thought about looting and destroying, then I could send a thought that would bring healing to those that had suffered. I know that combined with healing thoughts sent from around the world, and the different actions that the police and government took – changes happened.

Our thoughts are powerful things, and you always have a choice. The thoughts that you put out there will create your reality. You cannot think in a way that will change anyone else, but you can change the way that you look at what is happening in your life. Do you think thoughts that could be eventually disempowering you from living a life you truly desire or do you choose to think positive thoughts and good things that will come to you?