I am going to kind of jump onto the band wagon here, and celebrate Valentines Day that is coming up on the 14th February.

My very first newsletter was around this time, and whilst I am not going to just copy and paste that newsletter, I am going to use the same theme that I did then. At the time, I was single, and I thought about other friends that were in the same situation, and rather than have an anti-valentines message, I decided that actually, I am going to spoil myself instead! I am going to cook myself a nice meal, and just treat myself on that day! I got some great feedback from some people who did the same, and they had a great Valentines day too!

I loved this idea of celebrating, and loving the self – but sometimes it wasn’t always easy. So I put together a small workshop call ‘All About L.O.V.E (Loving Oneself Very Easily)!’. I believe that I am always teaching what I need to learn, and the workshop was a great way for me to do that. I learned to love and appreciate myself that little bit more.

There are three steps to Loving Oneself Very Easily. The first is to connect to your body. How does it feel, if your body had a voice, what would it say to you? Imagine going into each part of your body, and listening to what it has to say. You will be amazed at what it sometimes needs! My feet were the first ones to tell me that they need to be looked after and pampered!

The second step is your mind. Do you have negative chatter going on, or are your thoughts positive and uplifting? I was always very negative, and telling myself off. I’ve now changed that so that when I find myself telling me off… I stop myself.

The third step is your spirit. What do you love, what do you enjoy doing, what makes you smile, what makes your spirit sing? Begin now to list all of those things, and see what happens. When you focus on what you love – you will notice a difference in your spirit!

Let me know how you get on, and what you do this Valentines! Whether you are on your own and pampering yourself, or you are with a loved one, I wish you a wonderful Valentines!