Element of Water

We have an obvious need for water, but our connection to water goes deeper than drinking it. In ancient times, communities were built around the water source such as a lake or river. We may often take water for granted, but when we take time to honour the water we drink, bathe in, cook with, and clean with, we can transform the energy around us.

One of my favourite ways to use water to create sacred space is combining it with essential oils and creating a mister. I get a small glass bottle and fill it with water. Once the water is in the bottle, I bless it. Usually this is holding the bottle tight in my hands and imagine good vibes going into it, and beautiful sunlight energy filling it. Then I add a three to five drops of essential oils in there. Different oils bring different results. When I want clarity I use pine or lemon. When I want relaxing, I use lavender. However, my favourite is mint, and often spearmint or peppermint. It takes my back to my nan’s house and the wild mint which used to grow there. After I have added the drops of essential oil, I then swirl the bottle to blend the two together and then spritz around the room. Instantly it transforms the space.

What smells bring you joy and upliftment? You may want to search out some essential oils which call to you.



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