Element of Earth

Earth is everywhere and in everything. In terms of energy and the creating of sacred space, it can be everything and anything. We probably don’t think about it much, but everything that is solid has the element of Earth connected to it. 

To create sacred space, think about how you can move around the “solid objects” within your home. Are you able to move around easily or do you have to do a side step and a shuffle to get somewhere. I do in my kitchen! My housemate is a prolific vegetable gardener and we have crates of veg everywhere! Yet, for me that’s okay because other areas in my home are more sacred. When I walk into my office-sanctuary, I have nothing stopping me from walking in and into the room to my chair and my desk. 

Which takes me to the next part, what are you sitting on? Is it comfortable and giving you support, or do you have to pile it with cushions to make it bearable. I changed my mattress recently, more on the insistence of my husband, but I couldn’t believe what I had put up with before. Which can often be the case of the furniture we have. Take time to really think about your chairs, beds and other items you use to find out if they are contributing to you creating sacred space. 

When we have a space that feels good and supports us, we are then able to really step out in life and do things we want to. It’s not just about the ideas we have, but how we feel within our space and how it supports us. 

What would you do to enhance the element of earth into your space?