We have a body, but we are not our body. So often we make judgements about others about their bodies, but also we do it to ourselves too. We judge our weight, our looks, our hair colour and so much more.

One of the programs I have loved to do is called “Letting Go: Step into the Flow” which spends 28 days exploring our beliefs and thoughts relating to our body, not just as a whole but down to our eyes, ears, hair, heart, blood. Everything.

The program was created by my mentor, Denise Linn, and I’ve spent time helping and supporting others to go through the program. It is powerful, transformative and lets you connect to the very cells of your being so that you can shift old patterns and thoughts. If you are reading this now, then you know it’s time to let go, and step into the flow.

As always, you will need a notebook book or journal, because each day I will be asking questions which will help you to focus on a particular body parts. I will be also offering some VIP sessions, which include specific meditations including past life journeys and a group coaching session.

Join me for this journey, to connect and know your body and let go and step into the flow of life.


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