Seven Days, Seven Tools to Help Clear your Mind

Our mind is a powerful tool. It’s always there, always working, always processing information.

Yet we often fill it with new things, and forget to clear it out. We forget to take time to organise our thoughts, to make sense of what is happening in our world, and with that we can feel even more overloaded than we really are.

Join me as we explore clearing the mind. Everyday we will take time out to write down what is in our mind, even if there’s nothing coming up. When we take time to empty our mind, we can then focus on what is more important for us to focus on.

Follow the links below to the various pages and blog posts which can help you to clear your mind.


I have seven and more tips that you can follow for the next seven days, to help with different ways you can clear your mind.

When we have a clear mind, we are able to focus more on what is so, right now in the moment.

It’s within this moment that we have the ability to make the right choices for ourselves, as opposed to make a quick rash decision that may not be in alignment with who we are.

Join me in this journey to clear the mind. You won’t need much, just a pen or pencil and a notebook or journal.

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Clearing Your Mind - Day One