I love the Spring time. The days are longer, daffodils pop up in unexpected locations in my garden and I have more energy. I feel like a bear during winter time. Whilst I try to set new intentions and do new things, I often don’t feel like it. When spring comes, I have more ideas and can direct my energy into those new ideas much more easily.

When Spring comes, I have a ‘Spring Clean’ clear out things that have accumulated over the last few months. It’s a time to clear out my wardrobe and get rid of clothes which are no longer my style. I get my accounts in order (my end of financial year is 31st March) and prepare to pay the tax man. In taking these actions, I step into the spring with clarity.

Setting intentions is next on my list. I have found that clearing out the old enables ideas which may have sat around can be re-invigorated or released. I write them all down and look at what is possible; what I can do and what would be possible or impossible. Even as a coach, I set-up a session with another coach to flesh out my ideas and see what I can do. Having someone else to bounce my ideas around with brings excitement to my ideas and I can get them into action.  I no longer have a list of possibilities or dreams, I have a list of things I can take action on and make a reality.

Over to you … Add a Spring to your Step

What can you do to add a Spring to your Step? First of all, schedule some time to have a spring clean in which ever way suits you best. Then look at the things you would like to do, or ideas you’ve had. Take your time with this, and work out what really sings to you or feeds your soul. You may consider scheduling a session with me to work out what you want and really want to do.