Our life today is made up of the experiences of our past. From those experiences, we make decisions on what actions we will take. We don’t take certain routes because something within us knows it’s not right. Sometimes though, we don’t do things because we are afraid, and we can miss out on life. When we name what we are afraid of, our fears no longer have any hold over us. They become tamed and we can live life the way we want.

There are many fears such as spiders, heights, water and other fears, but some of the most debilitating fears are the ones we don’t often acknowledge. One of the biggest fears I have, is that through my writing, someone will say I’ve copied someone else. It has stopped me writing in the past, and when an idea comes to me, if I think someone else has done it already; I throw the idea away.

One of the exercises in the Soul Coaching® program is to acknowledge your fears and find a positive in it. Sounds crazy, but it works. Instead of throwing away the ideas that had formulated in my head, I sat back and asked myself; what if someone says that I have copied someones work. I struggled to find a positive straight away, but I took a little time to reflect. However, I soon came up with a list of different reasons as to how I could turn it into a positive. The list included it being a compliment to the other author, to the author stealing my idea from the future!

One positive that has helped to write is that I have my own way of writing and telling stories. My ideas may be similar to another, but the way I tell my story is different. This has helped me to publish two short stories and write three novels.

Over to you … A Fear Named, A Fear Tamed

Write down fears that have been holding you back. When you have a list of three to five, pick one and ask yourself how you can make this into a positive. List serious ideas to crazy ideas formulate and you will find that you are no longer being held back by the fear. The fear has slowly been tamed.