I recently heard a phrase that has had me stop and think things through, again and again, and then some more!

In my development as a medium, I am often amazed and inspired through the communication and evidence that is proved to me, that there is a continuation of life after physical death. It is also my belief that we are spirit beings having a human experience.

The phrase that I heard was “If you believe in Spirit, then you believe in yourself, for you are Spirit”.

It made me think about all the times where I have not believed I could do something, where I have said no because I did not think I could do it. Hearing the phrase that I automatically have a belief in myself because I believe in Spirit has stopped me from holding back, and beginning to live my life a little bit more now!

With the New Year coming up, what do you want to do that you did not believe you could do before? What would your life look like now that you aren’t holding back?

I know that the changes are not always easy, but taking one step at a time is all that you need to do!